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Been feeling nostalgic for the good ol’ days when clunky polygons were like magic.

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Some dioramas or modeling rooms. I love that the Gundam has slippers!

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You Are Beautiful by Will Miller.

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Illustrations by Cyril Rolando dA tumblr

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"Hudson Made is an online retailer selling highly curated artisanal products from the Hudson Valley, North Country and Brooklyn. Small batches. Limited quantities. 100% American made.

Late-19th century influences of the Bates stamp and the classic practice of letterpress printing hark back to an earlier time, while maintaining the refinement and clean lines of modernity for this brand identity.

The branding also reflects Hudson Made’s emphasis on what is handmade, invoking nostalgia for a time past and a return to the simplicity of production limited to the human touch. Handmade crafts also guarantee each product’s utter uniqueness, and the impossibility of two ever being alike.”

Hovard Design

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Snow Day!

Veggie soup and Grill chicken, prosciutto, tomato cheese sandwich.

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FIles uploaded, swatches done and uploaded but unfortunately was not able to edit all my screenshots. Here are my dining room shots for now. I have to go to bed so I’ll just share all the goodies later(it’s now 2AM here), it’ll be my Valentine’s gift for you all! NIghty night!

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it’s scary cause i almost can’t tell the difference.

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Coconut-Poached Tofu with Lemongrass and Red Curry


Coconut-Poached Tofu with Lemongrass and Red Curry

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