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Download, Mesh


Star Wars and Walking Dead photoline.

Youll need the mesh.

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Download Round

Download Square

Files are compressed. Color actions by hafiseazale. Both require Ikea Stuff Pack.

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Files are compressed. Color actions by hafiseazale. Requires Apartment Life.



Files are compressed. Color actions by hafiseazale. Requires Apartment Life.


Clickity the piccies to  zoominy.

Recent recolors, from garden lunch contest I joined at BPS, then simified my favorite magazines, Anthology, Frankie, Juxtapoz, Lula and some japanese crafts mags. And some new books for your simmies to read, not really, for decoration purposes LOL!

1&2. Garden Lunch contest Recolors, Steffor’s Pompoms, Anye’s Tosaka dining napkin, Cassandre’s plate and chinese takeouts on a tray, and Salix’s cake on stand. DOWNLOAD

3.NMS’s design books recolors DOWNLOAD

4.NMS’s The New Yorker recolors DOWNLOAD

5&6. 8-3 stacked magazines recolors DOWNLOAD

7&8.Spiegel’s Living Sims magazine gift recolors DOWNLOAD


I’ve gotten 100 followers!

I’m amazed and thankful, so you guys get a gift! I dressed up 14 sims of the last generation and retro’d them out for you. The mesh I recolored is from University and is called, “The Rugged Llamas from the North.” It’s got a Jersey on it.

This is the first painting recolor I’ve ever done. They work in my game, I hope they’ll work in yours. There was quite a bit of pixelation once they are in game, but I’m not sure how to fix, or if there is a fix.

There is 11 recolors in total, 8 have photoshop pics included in the download and there’s 3 in game shots that display all recolors. It’s probably overkill, but I’m nervous.

I know I got a few hair colors wrong, but I didn’t realize that until I was already out of game and in SimPe. Please let me know if I did something wrong.

I hope you like them!

Download the Retro Pinups here

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